Random Supervillain Name Generator Table

This comic book super-villain name manual generator can be copied and pasted into a file or viewed here while you roll up random villain ideas. Having a good villain namer is uber-important, because you never know when you’re going to need a quick random opponent to throw against your heroes. I suggest have a few basic characters in your game materials at any given time. Have about 10 default, basic character builds and assign the most appropriate of those

No Doctor or Captain?

Random Supervillain Comic Book Name GeneratorOnce again, “Doctor” is highly important when coming up with villains. You might wonder why that’s not on this list of villain names. Well, I originally only had one list of first names, but I got tired of using those, so I came up with a second list. Since I naturally needed more antagonist characters, I tried to create a names list that skewed towards villains instead of heroes, so this became my default bad guy namer. I already had a doctor on another list.

You can mix and match the lists I’ve given so far, so instead of getting 10,000 possible name combinations with this tool, you can get 20,000 apiece for a total of 40,000 comic book character names so far.

Just Replace It with Doctor or Professor

Long story short, if you don’t like a random name that comes up, replace the first word with “Doctor” and it’s probably going to be role-playing gold.

Random Villain Name Table: FIRST WORD

1. Time
2. Force
3. Fire
4. Flame
5. Heat
6. Weather
7. Ice
8. Cold
9. Snow
10. Chaos
11. Order
12. Sun
13. Star
14. Love
15. Hate
16. Stone
17. Earth
18. Forest
19. Gravity
20. Electric
21. Electro
22. Magno
23. Geo
24. Necro
25. Bio
26. Terra
27. Astro
28. Chrono
29. Psycho
30. Hydro
31. Pyro
32. Cryo
33. Duplicate
34. Composite
35. Brutal
36. Tank
37. Jet
38. Space
39. Iron
40. Steel
41. Brass
42. Metal
43. Meteor
44. Comet
45. Bullet
46. Missile
47. Quasar
48. Atomic
49. Nuclear
50. Radiation
51. Toxic
52. Poison
53. Peace
54. Divine
55. Malignant
56. Hell
57. Doom
58. Flaming
59. Bone
60. Skull
61. Storm
62. Inferno
63. Plant
64. Wild
65. Sea
66. Mountain
67. City
68. Urban
69. Concrete
70. Asphalt
71. Sand
72. Desert
73. Jungle
74. Crazy
75. Mad
76. Bulletproof
77. Rose
78. Dead
79. Ruby
80. Diamond
81. Sapphire
82. Razor
83. Savage
84. Almighty
85. Darkest
86. Mad Beautiful
87. Rancid
88. Robot
89. Machine
90. Techno
91. Holo
92. Robo
93. Evo
94. Voodoo
95. Pain
96. Terror
97. Chainsaw
98. Spirit
99. Entropy
100. Mirror

Random Supervillain Table: SECOND WORD

1. Cyborg
2. Stalker
3. Killer
4. Bringer
5. Hate
6. Face
7. Finger
8. Head
9. Skull
10. Slaughter
11. Evil
12. Terror
13. Madness
14. Mastermind
15. Corpse
16. Death
17. Titan
18. Time
19. Darkness
20. Frost
21. Crawler
22. Centurion
23. Malign
24. Lord
25. Panic
26. Raider
27. Horde
28. Arson
29. Master
30. Sadistic
31. Tyrant
32. Freak
33. Crime
34. Phage
35. Soldier
36. Pirate
37. Grim
38. Toad
39. Larceny
40. Syndicate
41. Cowl
42. Criminal
43. Shadow
44. Beast
45. the Mystic
46. Demolition
47. -Mite
48. the Mad
49. Crusher
50. Minion
51. Virus
52. Goblin
53. Rod
54. -Monger
55. Satan
56. the Conqueror
57. Rage
58. Lady
59. Assassin
60. Vox
61. Chaos
62. Murder
63. Berserker
64. Hellion
65. Torture
66. Marauder
67. -Armor
68. the Black
69. God
70. Pain
71. Cyborg
72. the Herald
73. Adam
74. Goddess
75. Intimidator
76. Mutant
77. Dark
78. Slayer
79. Lord
80. Doom
81. Lunatic
82. Master
83. Savage
84. the Unstoppable
85. Rex
86. -Thief
87. Blood
88. Devil
89. Croc
90. Wizard
91. Maniac
92. Witch
93. Faust
94. Zodiac
95. the Vile
96. King
97. Fortune
98. Claw
99. Villain
100. Man

Composite Villainy

I’ve found the word “Composite” is full of possibilities. The Composite-Skull sounds like a really gritty villain, maybe a mad scientist with a bone wasting disease from an experiment gone wrong. He replaces his degenerating skull-bone with the pieces of his fallen victims, perhaps collecting some of their personality or skills. The Composite-Skull is a serial killer villain, but also an ever-evolving bad guy.

The Composite-Goddess is something completely different. Perhaps she’s the bizarre melding of the goddess of war and the goddess of peace…like a cosmic version of Two-Face. Or maybe she combines attributes of the goddess of purity with the goddess of love, put together as a form of punishment by some higher god. Or maybe this is just another name from the Triune Goddess: The Mother, The Maiden, and the Crone. Or maybe she represents some other kind of trinity or Triple Goddess. History is rife with the triple gods and goddesses: the Norns, the Fates, the Three Pure Ones, the various Triads.

Comic Book Voodoo

It’s not the only first word that completely changes the meaning of the second. “Voodoo” is another perfect example, Voodoo Master is a much different character than Voodoo Crusher. Voodoo Lord sounds regal, while Voodoo the Mad just sounds crazy–though I’d probably call him Hoodoo the Mad just to sound especially unstable. If you want to mix things up, use words like hoodoo, vodou, or vodun to add a slightly different connotation, or simply sound different.

I know one thing: I really wouldn’t want to meet The Voodoo-Cyborg down a dark alley. Sounds like some kind of Blaxploitation hero.

Mad and Beautiful Ideas

You might think “Mad Beautiful” sounds perfectly stupid and it kind of is. It’s also a reference to Alan Moore‘s quote about why comic books are so great: they’re full of “mad and beautiful ideas“. In one campaign, I had a villainess called The Mad Beautiful Beast, a woman who dated a mad scientist. She wanted to get in on the fun, so he turned her into mutant powerhouse by that name. She was essentially a colorful henchman, but she ended up being a fan favorite (with the gaming group).


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